Philip Le Breton

So who is Philip Le Breton?  (It is not his real name, it’s a pseudonym)

Unfortunately we cannot tell you – only that he is a very accomplished musician more famous for his musicals!

We contacted him to commission some exciting Fantasy music that was more stimulating than the usual bland New Age offerings.  He was excited to take on the work -but only on the condition that his real identity be kept secret as, at the time, he did not wish to be associated with the New Age genre.

However when we heard some of his composition we were taken aghast!  The music was amazing – nothing quite like this had ever been attempted before.  Listeners were soon hooked and the CDs sold in thousands. This is even more remarkable given the fact that they were not available in mainstream music shops, and that at the time, online shopping was non-existent.

“Philip” attended every studio session and often assisted the sound engineer on the best artistic use of high end sound equipment.  This is one of the reasons why the recordings “sparkle” – especially when listening using a good quality hi – fi system.  If natural sounds were required – then they were especially and naturally recorded to avoid the repetition of a sound loop.

It is true to say Philip Le Breton has taken the new Age/Fantasy/Relaxation music category to a unique level.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, escape, fantasy, self hypnosis, “transportation, ” stimulation – or just pure musical enjoyment – you will not be disappointed!