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The music follows the CD pathworking text below. Together they form an amazing experience.

Relax…Breath slowly and deeply…Feel the tension disappear stage by stage from the top of your head to the tips of your toes… Let your surroundings fade away as you gradually sink backwards through time and actuality… Where the Middle, Dark and Golden Ages merge… Pass through the gateway of reality and enter into the magical Celtic countryside.


Pass through a thick swirling fog and enter a large field. Smell the long wet grass and feel the cold penetrating dampness in the air. Through the low-lying mist you can see the sun rising in the distance and realise it must be early in the morning.


Halfway around the field are a circle of tall grey standing stones, behind these lies a woodland on three sides. In the centre is an old building, which you recognise to be a church as you slowly approach. The sound of chanting monks and the chiming of a bell mysteriously seem to emanate from all directions although the church is some way in front. A sparkle of sunlight reflects on the metal handle of the door arid unseen powers urge you closer.


As the sun rises you can feel the beauty and excitement of your situation rising from within and know that preordained events are imminent. Birds are flying around the woodland in the distance and one flies directly towards you, finally perching on the roof of the church. It stares at you piercingly. In the corner of your eye you notice dark, shadowy figures at the base of each standing stone. Several of them are beating drums with an intoxicating rhythm.


Stand still for a while and examine your surroundings; then slowly continue.


You have virtually reached the church door and stretch out to grasp the handle. It now grows brightly in the sunlight and is crafted from a circular twist of three intertwined golden strands, carved in zoomorphic design with fantastic creatures and animals. As the metal glints they seem to writhe before your eyes. You reach out and grasp the ring and suddenly feel a giddy, tingling sensation. A voice behind you echoes “You are holding the torc of the druid.


Release the necklace and immediately turn around to find your surroundings have changed. The circle of stones now form the perimeter of a clearing in the woods and the church has disappeared. Once again you have sunk backwards in time. A shaft of sunlight floods through the circle and illuminates a track in the forest. Feeling nervous and excited, walk hesitantly forwards. The shadowy figures seem to melt as you pass.


With a pounding heart step into the forest. Either side of the path, mighty oak trees seem to be looking down at you through the leafy glades. They watch over all travellers.


Continue into the forest until you arrive at the edge of a stream running diagonally across your path. Feel the warmth of the sun above; it is now almost midday. Smell the scent of the wildflowers which grow along the bank. Lean over and look into the stream. The crystal clear water sparkles in the flickering forest light and you notice fishes darting to and fro underneath the surface. Scoop up and drink a handful of the cool sweet tasting water and feel relaxed and content.


Suddenly look up. Across the stream, standing perfectly still, you see a fox is observing you. It turns and trots along the other side of the bank with deliberate steps indicating by its slow pace that you should follow. You stand straight as if to acknowledge the message signalled by the animal and walk along behind, distanced only by the width of water. The stream twists and turns for a mile, then the fox stops, looks back, and stares directly at you with penetrating eyes that have an almost human quality. As the animal continues its path the stream grows gradually wider, eventually becoming a vast expanse of rippling water stretching as far into the horizon as you can see. The fox disappears from view. The lapping of the water has a hypnotic effect and you stand still, transfixed.


From nowhere the most beautiful and enchanting woman appears and gently approaches. It is impossible to take your eyes from her face; she glows with a radiance that is not of this world. She reaches out and takes your hand. Trembling with emotion and trepidation you are about to speak but she anticipates your thoughts. Her voice is gentle and soothing. She explains how she alone guided you; and would accompany you on the return journey. As you stroll back along the same path together her steps have the light spring of the fox and you remember its piercing gaze, together with that of the bird.


Ask her your own questions and she will reply with honesty, integrity and enlightenment.


Finally you both return to the original field and you implore her not to leave, realising that you do not even know her name. She speaks for the last time.
“Although you will see me no more I will always be at the side of those who seek the Grail and true peace. Rest assured your quest will end with light. Men know me as the Lady of the Lake, but my other names are Truth, Compassion, Justice and Hope.”
She opens the gateway for you and in a blink disappears. Boldly pass through; your heart filled with a new found inner confidence and joy.


© Peter Balanck for SPIRAL MUSIC 2003

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