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The music follows the CD pathworking text below. Together they form an amazing experience.

In your mind’s eye, see the shapes of your surroundings begin to lose form and become less distinct, and the colours start to dissolve. Watch, and begin to see tiny ripples faintly coursing through the muted, disembodied hues; you are visualising the waves of the sounds around you. As you continue to observe, the ripples increase in magnitude, distorting the forms as they travel swiftly towards you. Feel your skin tingle, as the waves reach you and ripple in your very soul, lifting it higher from your body. Examine your surroundings, and notice that as the sound travels, it stains the view with deep blue echoes. Your soul now fuses with each sound, and lifts away from the confines of the physical body. No longer are you sitting in your original position; your life-force is floating in a dimension where sound merges with colour, flowing and swaying like living water. You have become at one with the ocean itself.


Begin to see new images appearing from the undulating blue. Hundreds of shapes come into focus, swelling rapidly into so many colours that you almost recoil from the dazzling beauty erupting all around. Delicate webs of bright coral spread across the rocky ocean floor, ever dividing into infinitely complex branches. Emerging from the enormous forest of the coral reef are hundreds of tiny sea creatures, darting and twirling like the shatters of light that pierce the water’s surface above.


Feel the trust, the sheer joy of life. Every plant and creature welcomes you to their proud kingdom, and beckons you to join their celebration of existence. You feel honoured by this invitation, and are about to participate in their revels when you suddenly hear something calling from the depths of blue far beyond. It is followed by a tolling bell, distant and vague, sounding across the reef. You are unsure if it is from the outer environment, or from the depths of your own consciousness. Nevertheless, you are mysteriously drawn to this anonymous calling, and believe that you can follow the sound to its origin. Turning away from the security of the coral reef, begin to journey into the vast expanse of this unknown kingdom. As you leave the reef, the water grows cooler, and the tides stronger. The marine life in turn becomes sparse, replaced by rocks and silver sand. The current takes hold and pulls you deeper into the ocean at a tremendous speed. The sea is now in control of your journey; you have no choice but to follow its mighty will. As the light dims and the blue darkens, you begin to see new shapes emerging far in the distance. The sound of the bell seems increasingly near as the current begins to slow.


Suddenly, the pulling force ceases. The bell sounds very close. As you try to determine its location, another sound penetrates the still waters; an unearthly cry, ghostly yet heavenly, so mournful and yet so hauntingly beautiful and divine you feel yourself melting with intense emotion. Emerging as if from another reality, a tremendous black whale swims effortlessly towards you, his enormous flippers seeming to stretch like wings across your entire field of vision. You watch him in awe and at first fear; but arching his head he once more fills the entire ocean with his mesmerising song. You discover that you understand him completely; he is the Guardian of these waters, and has awaited your arrival for some time.
Concentrate; for in the distance, you begin to glimpse what the whale has protected for so long. The sight is so marvellous, so spectacular, you first believe it to be a mirage.


Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ancient buildings loom before you as if summoned from dream, upon a mountain so high it dwarfs the Guardian whale. A glorious palace, a huge temple, uncountable ornate columns and statues… have reached the lost kingdom of Atlantis.


Begin to explore the sunken kingdom. The fallen metal walls surrounding the city glint softly in the gentle light, while statues of fantastic beings stare coldly as you pass. Travelling further into the silent ruins, you realise that a destructive force outside of Nature has acted upon the wreckage you see before you; for massive columns of solid marble, several metres thick, lie in pieces on the ocean floor. Despite the chaos Atlantis has suffered, you cannot rid yourself from feelings of awe and wonder.


Make your way towards the great palace, at the very top of the mountain. Notice its radiance casting light over the whole kingdom, for every brick in its towering walls is covered in gold. You then notice a smaller building at its side; a temple, made from marble and framed with giant crystals and pearls. Drawn to its enigmatic aura, enter the shrine. Inside, you are struck by the sight of a great bronze statue of a muscular man, with one hand tightly clenched and the other holding a silver trident. He wears a high golden crown upon his head, and his harsh face gazes from a wavy beard. It is Poseidon, the Greek God of the Oceans.
The sound of seagulls shrieking now surrounds you, and the temple vanishes in a flash of intense sunlight. You now find yourself standing on firm land, facing the golden palace in full glory as it reaches up into a cloudless sky. This is Atlantis, as it was thousands of years ago. All around, you see high buildings of the finest craftsmanship, tall trees with lush, green leaves, and thousands of people, dressed in flowing, ornate garments, peacefully make their way into the temple. All are happy and at ease; nobody appears anxious, distempered or weary. They stretch their hands towards Poseidon’s statue in deep reverence, many closing their eyes and muttering prayers.


A strange sensation creeps all over you, and the scene fades into grey. Examine your surroundings as they re-appear, and find that you are still in the temple, but the congregation have vanished. Outside, you hear the cries not of the birds but of humans. Emerging from the temple, you find a large crowd of people squabbling and fighting one another. The city appears ravaged and scorched, plundered by the greed of a now corrupt society. Disturbed and repulsed by this scene, turn away to face the ocean surrounding Atlantis. Even as you watch, the sky darkens as angry, bloated clouds form overhead, and the wind picks up speed. The turbulence of the crowd halts at once, replaced by an eerie silence as all eyes stare in horror at the horizon.


A wave, a wall of water higher than the temple, the palace, the Atlantis mountain itself, is relentlessly charging towards the island. Panic now strikes the population: they stampede into the temple of Poseidon and drop before his statue pleading for mercy, but it is too late. They have desecrated the divine city given to them by the Gods with their foolishness, arrogance and voracity for power. Poseidon shows no pity; Atlantis will be cleansed. The monstrous wave rips through the city’s walls, rearing up to strike the great palace.
The screams of fear become distant in your mind, and the scene darkens. You feel secure and out of danger, for all you can hear now are cries of the seagulls once more. They too proceed to quieten, and you feel that you are travelling back to your original surroundings, before undertaking the quest to Atlantis. Before you return fully from the world of water, you hear a voice echo within your mind, a voice of no words but bearing a message you heed with total understanding.


The warning of Poseidon.


© Megan Manson for SPIRAL MUSIC 2003


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