Magical Encounters A Knights Destiny Spiral Journey CD Atlantis CD The Green Man CD

Magical Encounters

The First Best Selling CD from Spiral Music ... Travel through a Magical Land

A Knights Destiny

The Second CD from Spiral Music... Journey with the Knights of the Round Table

Spiral Journey CD

Compilation CD - FREE with purchase of other titles!

Atlantis CD

Submergence/Emergence...... Incorporating the sounds of the hump backed whale

The Green Man CD

Fantasy/Folk Music..."Hear" the Green Man talk and "See" him dance!

At last, after 15 years, SPIRAL MUSIC has released four Flagship CDs by the talented composer and musician Philip Le Breton. These are planned to be the last pressings ever made, and demand will be high.

At the time of the first release, these inspirational recordings injected a new force into the Gothic, Celtic, New Age and Fantasy music genre.  The music has been used on films and even by therapists for hypnosis. Spiral Music made the front page of Prediction magazine and had worldwide followers. Do not miss this change to get the last ever pressings!

Inspirational Music

This is "New Age" music on steroids, sometimes stimulating, sometimes relaxing but always extremely enjoyable. When these recordings were first released they took the New Age and fantasy market by storm!

Philip Le Breton

Popularly know by another name, Philip le Breton is better known for his work in another music genre! The Cds are studio recorded to the highest standard, and when listened using good players they will "sparkle."  

Intense Sound

These amazing and at times hypnotic recordings incorporate the sounds of Strings, Choirs, flutes and Celtic instruments including Leicestershire small pipes, and bodhran.

Pathworking Texts

Each Cd includes a booklet text to take you back to a magical land of faeries, elves, ancient standing stones, misty woodland and meandering streams. There is a strong Celtic and Gothic influence throughout the productions.